Big Burn

A class that is a s tough as you make it. Total body conditioning with a huge calorie burn. A mixture of kettle bell, body weight and floor exercises with regressions for all abilities. For the more advanced 2 or 3 exercises will be encouraged to be performed with a challenging weight.


An all over body, fast moving, energetic, stress busting workout . Combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to burn up to 500 calories. Circuit based fun punching exercises suitable for all people over the age of 15 of all levels of fitness.

“A year ago I’d never heard of boxercise. Now its my way to de-stress, have fun and tone my bingo wings! Don’t think you have to come with a partner, there is always someone to partner and have a chat! Ability and fitness doesn’t matter, you just go at your own pace with friendly encouragement and motivation from Reece” – Monica

“Boxercise is a great class, it has a bit of everything, hard work but you finish it feeling like you’ve had a proper workout. Highly recommended!”

Wednesday: 6:00pm-6:45pm

Rehab Pilates

An excellent class taught by a very experienced instructor who Tailors the program with a significant nod towards staying fit for racket sports, equally movement in general.