Postural Health – Latest COVID-19 Physio Information

What a 24-hours that has been! We have gone from being excited to get back to work and school after the Christmas break to national lockdown and all the uncertainty that brings. Use this time to take care of yourself, your friends and neighbours – be kind – take advantage of the hundreds of online resources, fitness classes and learning apps.At this current time physiotherapy services can remain open. We are advising a remote assessment initially and then may offer hands-on treatment to those with medical need or those at risk of deterioration. We aim to reduce the burden on the NHS by seeing people who would otherwise turn to their GP or NHS. Our Covid-19 precautions are in excess of those recommended by Public Health England – our priority is to keep our staff and patients safe.Please do not be offended if we do not offer to bring you into clinic at this time, it simply reflects our confidence that you can perform some simple self-treatment techniques under our guidance to improve your symptoms. We have had great feedback from our virtual online sessions with people reporting they feel more in control of their symptoms, others reporting a full return of function and others returning to completely pain free.If you are struggling with pain or an injury please do get in touch to find out how we can help.01952 351 123 or 01902 581 123

Outdoor Tennis Returns With Restrictions

Outdoor Tennis Returns With Restrictions

WLTSC are delighted to report that several outdoor tennis courts have re-opened in line with government and LTA guidance connected with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The club has been closed completely since the lockdown was enforced on March 23rd, but now, almost two months on, outdoor tennis can be played in line with the changed policy on exercise.

There are however restrictions in place which must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of all players.

Singles and one-to-one coaching will be permitted, with doubles only allowed for members of the same household due to the need for social distancing.

Available courts must be booked in advance via the My Courts system, with all names of players required.

All the club’s indoor facilities including squash courts, gyms, changing rooms, bar and restaurant will remain closed, as are the indoor tennis courts, although the foyer area to the indoor courts will remain open to allow access to hand washing and toilet facilities.

Members are urged not to spend time at the club beyond their tennis court booking to ensure the safety of everyone.

The new guidelines also allow for personal training sessions to take place outside on an individual basis and members should contact the Energize team directly with any questions relating to the booking of sessions.  The popular online exercise classes which started up following lockdown will continue as normal.

Members playing tennis are urged to read the instructions which have been put up by the courts and to make regular use of the hand sanitiser.

The club looks forward to seeing members enjoying their tennis again with this small but significant step, and urges everyone to follow the new guidelines to protect the wellbeing and safety of everyone involved.




A Bird’s Eye View

A Bird’s Eye View

At a time when the club was closed, and people were certainly missing their regular visits for sport and social interaction, we brought some wonderful photos of the club.

This ‘birds eye’ view offers a glimpse of the front of the building from the air, as well as the Pete Brown Indoor Tennis Centre and all the outdoor tennis courts.

Club now fully open so you can come and see for yourself have welcoming our club is.

Support Wolverhampton’s NHS Workers

Support Wolverhampton’s NHS Workers

Many of our club members and visitors work within the NHS, so we have launched a Just Giving site for anyone wishing to show their support at such a challenging time for their staff battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyone able to make a donation would be much appreciated, especially if you have been enjoying the online fitness workouts and coaching drills.

Click here to make a direct donation to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, and we wish all NHS staff, social care workers and everyone working on the front-line all the very best at such a difficult time.

Virtual Exercise: Part Two

Virtual Exercise: Part Two

Club staff are keen to ensure that members and visitors stay engaged and fit and healthy whilst WLTSC is closed during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to our excellent team of System Energize trainers, and coaching staff, and Simon Newell for putting the videos onto the club’s Youtube account, we will be able to provide a series of online workouts for members to take part in from the comfort of their own home.

Click here to access the club’s YouTube channel which you can also subscribe to, free of charge.

Here are a few of the workouts which have taken place since our previous post.

Dining Room Fitness Workout

Body Exercise Fun

Birdy Tennis Wall Tricks

Garden Workout

Exercise Don’t Socialise

Exercise Don’t Socialise

Staff at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club are aiming to keep members healthy and engaged during the current Covid-19 crisis by leading a series of online video workouts.

The club, based at Newbridge, has completely closed its doors in line with government advice but is continuing to offer both ‘physical and emotional’ support to members and visitors by encouraging people to take part in home-based exercise.

The four ‘System Energize’ personal trainers at the club are going to be leading the regular workouts, with Head of Fitness Paul Fothergill kicking things off on Monday with an AMRAP (As many reps as possible) based workout, and Brendon Turner leading a circuits-based workout on Tuesday.

Billy Hughes, along with his Dad and WLTSC Sports Manager Marc, were on screen for a weights-based workout on Wednesday and on Friday, from 9.30am-10am, Adam Guest will lead an abs-based session.

Hundreds of people have been viewing the online workouts, which are streamed live on the club’s Facebook group and then, where possible, added to the You Tube channel afterwards –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_hTX-8fH0RIMjxchXVUGA

One of the club’s tennis coaches Clayton Edge has also posted a fun garden-based game which all the family can take part in.

“At times like these you realise the importance that clubs like ours have, providing great facilities to play sport and exercise,” says Marc.

“Clubs create an environment where friendships are made and provide a sense of belonging for young and old.

“Providing some virtual workouts will help us continue to engage with and provide physical and emotional support to all our members and visitors.

“As the club’s Welfare Officer, I am also very conscious that this period of self-isolation might be a challenge for some who are used to a set routine.

“For many, the club is a place of immense support both physical and mental in addition to the friendships we all rely on for support through good times and bad.

“Hopefully, by streaming these exercise classes at a similar time to which they were normally delivered at the club, will help people stay engaged and healthy while are doors are closed.”

Members have also been encouraged to stay in touch with each other via phone calls and messaging while they are unable to access the club.