Virtual Exercise: Week One

Virtual Exercise: Week One

Club staff are keen to ensure that members and visitors stay engaged and fit and healthy whilst WLTSC is closed during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to our excellent team of System Energize trainers, and coaching staff, and Simon Newell for putting the videos onto the club’s Youtube account, we will be able to provide a series of online workouts for members to take part in from the comfort of their own home.

Click here to access the club’s YouTube channel which you can also subscribe to, free of charge.

Here are a few of the workouts so far:

Paul and Mollie: AMRAP workout

Billy and Marc Hughes: Weights-based workout

Kitchen Chair Workout

Welshy’s Top Tennis Tips

Tennis Noughts and Crosses


Club Closed Until Further Notice

Club Closed Until Further Notice

Further to the announcement made this evening (Monday, March 23rd) by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, WLTSC and all of its facilities will be closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

This includes outdoor tennis courts and outdoor training and follows the previous closure of the squash courts, gym and reception areas following previous advice from government.

Whilst WLTSC staff will not be working on site they will be continued to be paid in full.

Members have been informed as to how this closure will reflect their membership fees, and are thanked for their understanding during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Everyone is urged to refrain from visiting WLTSC until further notice and we look forward to seeing members return to enjoy their sport in the future whenever it is safe to do so.

While the club is closed, there will be fitness and other sports-related videos posted on the club’s You Tube and social media channels to keep members engaged and able to take part in exercise in the comfort of their own home or garden.

Click here to access and subscribe to the club’s You Tube channel.

Members are also encouraged to stay in touch with each other via telephone calls or text messages and look after each other during these testing times.

We send everyone our very best wishes and urge everyone to stay safe as we look forward to being back together at the club, fit and healthy in the future.


The Benefits Of Walking Racketball

The Benefits Of Walking Racketball

Racketball is a sport which is growing in popularity and influence, as a very strong alternative, or addition, to tennis and squash.

And walking racketball is proving just as important down at WLTSC, as a great way for players to get back into healthy activity after an injury or absence from sport.

As explained by Patrick Hyde, chartered physiotherapist and director of Postural Health, who heads up the physiotherapy programme at WLTSC, there are many benefits to walking racketball.

Patrick says:  “There are so many people who think knee and hip pain excludes them from participating in racket sports.

“That is why we developed walking racketball, a non-competitive game of engagement and participation for all.

“This is especially important during the winter months when people need indoor sporting facilities.”

Three members at WLTSC who have been enjoying walking racketball including coaching sessions with Sports Manager Marc Hughes are Alan Morgan, Roy Simms  and Peter Woodman.

Alan, who has always been very active both during his career as a PE teacher and then at WLTSC, has suffered from some health issues over the last couple of years, including undergoing surgery for a knee replacement.

“I played squash up until I was 50, every lunchtime for 20 years, and then switched to tennis having played as a schoolboy in Scunthorpe,” says Alan.

“I have always been active, and carried on coaching tennis and badminton at S. Peter’s School into my 60s, where I would be working with the pupils and improving them.

“I acted as mentor to a certain Paul Hodgetts, I’d be feeding him tennis balls to hit, but if he were still at the club the roles would be reversed now and he’d be feeding me!

“With my knee at the moment, after any exercise it tightens up and goes stiff, and I am still limping when running.

“I am having physio at New Cross, and hydrotherapy at Cannock, and I have found that walking racketball is helping with my movement.

“I don’t have to move too far when playing, and having two, three or four bounces really helps.

“Hopefully all this exercise I am doing, including at home, and the physio, is going to help me get back and continue to improve.”

Roy has been playing walking racketball to improve his confidence and leg strength after suffering an injury.

Now a tennis player having previously been a regular at squash, Roy had been receiving treatment from Patrick after his leg collapsed on him.

“As well as the treatment from Patrick, and doing exercises at home, he recommended that I try walking racketball,” said Roy.

“I’ve been hitting on the court with Alan, where we can rally with two or three bounces, and that is giving me confidence.

“The aim is to rehabilitate myself back into tennis, to get back to a situation where my leg is stable, and get back out on court when the weather is better.”

For Peter, it is also about rebuilding confidence after undergoing two hip replacements after falling following the first surgery.

“I play both squash and tennis but I lost all confidence after what happened with my hip,” he explains.

“The first surgery didn’t work, but it’s all fixed now.

“I lost a lot of confidence but walking racketball is helping me to get it back, and putting everything behind me to be able to get back to playing tennis.”

Marc is enjoying working with club members on the squash courts and helping them regain both their movement and confidence via walking racketball.

He says:  “Racketball, or Squash 57 as it is now known in the UK, is an excellent low impact and safe sport for anyone to have a go at.

“We use it at the club to help new members become better co-ordinated if they haven’t played any racket sports before.

“We also now use Racketball to help longstanding members who are recovering from injury or illness to gain balance and confidence to play the racket sport of their choice.

“Racketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and we have seen a significant increase in participation of this fun and invigorating sport across all ages and abilities.”

*Anyone interested in a teaser session of walking racketball can contact Marc via the WLTSC reception on (01902) 755265 or marc.hughes@wltsc.com

For advice on physiotherapy or details on booking a treatment contact Patrick or the Postural Health team on (01902) 581123 or at posturalhealth@aol.com






Festive Fun At Sports Day!

Festive Fun At Sports Day!

There was a great turnout at the WLTSC Club Sports Day with a host of members taking to the fitness studio and indoor and outdoor courts to mark a fitting end to 2019.

The day which began with an Energize Core Fusion session in the studio with Adam Guest, finished with some well-deserved refreshments in the restaurant, between which there was plenty of tennis, squash and racketball fun to be had.

There was a fantastic festive atmosphere on show making it a great end to a fantastic year at WLTSC – here’s to the next one!

HEADing For Great Service!

HEADing For Great Service!

WLTSC are continuing to benefit from a hugely positive relationship with leading worldwide manufacturers HEAD, ensuring members can enjoy the best possible deals on rackets and other equipment and merchandise.

Once again recently, members were able sample HEAD’s extensive range of rackets for tennis, squash and racketball at a special ‘Experience Day’ when they were able to ‘try before they buy’, including some attractive deals for Black Friday.

It was another sign of the positive working relationship between the club and HEAD, which continues to go from strength to strength.

“HEAD are one of the leading tennis racket manufacturers in the world,” says Dave Hillier, Sales Manager at HEAD UK Ltd.

“Some of the top players such as Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev use our rackets.

“But at grass roots level, we want as many players as possible using our rackets across the UK.

“And so, opportunities like the partnership we have with WLTSC are really exciting.

“It gives us the opportunity to work with a fantastic club, it gives the club the chance to purchase our rackets and other products which members can then purchase directly from the club.

“The club gets a great product at a great price so they can benefit, and the members can benefit, and we benefit as a brand as well.

“This partnership has been going for a couple of years now, and as one of the leading tennis facilities in the region if not the country, we are very excited to be working with WLTSC and hopefully it’s a relationship which is growing and growing.”

One feature of the sponsorship arrangement is those experience days where a range of rackets are on show to be tried out by members before they purchase.

“When you are purchasing a racket it is always better if you can try it out first,” says Dave.

“Club members can try out different models and see what they like.

“We can advise them and the coaches here can guide and advise them to see what is right for them.

“We bring along the full range of HEAD rackets, and they are all very good rackets, but it is all about finding the right one for each player.

“Different rackets can suit different players depending on age, ability, and experience – and with the experience days people are able to try out two or three different models before deciding what is best.

“Predominantly the biggest part of our business is tennis, but HEAD is also one of the leading brands in squash and racketball.

“It was great on our most recent visit to be able to take our rackets over to the squash courts for members to try out there as well.

“The partnership is brilliant for us, and the coaches can also use our rackets and clothing and the club will use our tennis balls for matches.

“It works for us as a manufacturer, and it works for members and the club as well.”

 *A reminder that theHEAD shop at WLTSC is well stocked and we will always match internet prices and have some extra special discounts for our members too.

Wolverhampton West: Kick Start

Wolverhampton West: Kick Start

Here is our latest article and advert which has gone into the Wolverhampton West magazine.

Keen to head into the new decade with a fresh start, and get active in a hugely supportive environment with like-minded fitness enthusiasts?

Why not check out Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, now boasting a thriving and varied programme of classes which can boost not only your fitness but also your health and wellbeing.

The four-strong team of personal trainers which run the club’s System Energize programme – Paul Fothergill, Brendon Turner, Billy Hughes and Adam Guest – are ready and waiting to offer you all the inspiration and support needed to make a fantastic start to 2020.

The annual Kick-Start initiative gets things underway from January 11-18, where the trainers combine two fitness classes a day with a strict eating plan to help encourage good habits which those taking part can carry on after the programme.

This is all in line with no fewer than 12 regular classes which are free to members and can also be accessed by non-members, including fitness sessions, circuits, Pilates, boxercise, and much more.

“The classes are going brilliantly and offer a real variety, all run by our very experienced instructors who have years of results behind them,” says Paul.

“Many classes are suitable for families and complement the rackets programme we have here at the club.

“Our four experienced and friendly trainers lead over 100 Personal Training sessions a week in the gym, with all new members getting a free introductory session and others available at a discounted price.

“We also have two strength and conditioning coaches working full time, who are up-to-date with the latest science and are happy to share their knowledge if people are looking for a more sport-specific angle with their training.

“Anybody thinking of looking for a new place to work out is welcome to come and try a class for free and discuss the options as to what might be appropriate for what they are looking for.”

For more details about the classes, or Kick Start, contact Paul on 07825 665794.