The heroes are ready! Time for a last bit of sustenance for the Lord Bilston Big Challenge class of 2018 before they head out at midnight to start their epic journey back from Swansea.

The team are bringing back Compton Care staff members Grace and Debbie all the way from Swansea by land and water without their feet touching the floor.

That involves a trailer attached to a tandem, a canoe, and a stretcher, as the intrepid team cover the testing distance, starting at midnight tonight and expected back at WLTSC at 9pm on Saturday.

The team were welcomed by the Compton Care charity this morning where they enjoyed breakfast and were sent on the way with the support of staff and also Wolverhampton Wanderers Vice-President Steve Bull.

Best of luck to all, as they take on this challenge, led by Energize’s Personal Trainer Brendon Turner in memory of his father Dennis and in thanks for the treatment he received in his final days at Compton Care.

To support the team as they embark on this hugely testing challenge, click here.