What a 24-hours that has been! We have gone from being excited to get back to work and school after the Christmas break to national lockdown and all the uncertainty that brings. Use this time to take care of yourself, your friends and neighbours – be kind – take advantage of the hundreds of online resources, fitness classes and learning apps.At this current time physiotherapy services can remain open. We are advising a remote assessment initially and then may offer hands-on treatment to those with medical need or those at risk of deterioration. We aim to reduce the burden on the NHS by seeing people who would otherwise turn to their GP or NHS. Our Covid-19 precautions are in excess of those recommended by Public Health England – our priority is to keep our staff and patients safe.Please do not be offended if we do not offer to bring you into clinic at this time, it simply reflects our confidence that you can perform some simple self-treatment techniques under our guidance to improve your symptoms. We have had great feedback from our virtual online sessions with people reporting they feel more in control of their symptoms, others reporting a full return of function and others returning to completely pain free.If you are struggling with pain or an injury please do get in touch to find out how we can help.01952 351 123 or 01902 581 123