Here is the text from our latest entry in the Wolverhampton West magazine:


From beginners taking up Walking Racketball to hosting a round of the English Squash Masters. From the regular Sunday Boast squash sessions for families, to the club’s Carver Cup competition.

There is so much squash and racketball on offer at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club over the coming months, for all ages and abilities.

This includes Walking Racketball, a great way for people to try out the sport for a new challenge or get back into exercise after an injury or absence.

Chris Dawson, WLTSC Head of Squash and Racketball, says: “We have worked with the club’s physio Patrick Hyde to develop this programme, which offers an ideal chance for players to keep their body and mind active but at their own pace.

“The sessions can offer an introduction to the sport of racketball, or an opportunity for people who are returning to sport after a physical or neurological injury, or are suffering from joint complaints.”

Spectators will get the chance to see the top veteran players from around the country at the Masters from November 8-10, while the club’s own Carver Cup competition has its finale on November 22nd.

Neil Patel, recently-appointed Chairman of Squash and Racketball, said: “One of the greatest attributes of WLTSC is that it offers a warm and welcoming environment to get healthy, play sport and make friends.

“We have a thriving squash and racketball facility that inspires all ages from five to over 70, catering for all abilities.

“As well as the Masters and Carvers Cup, we continue to offer our regular Mix-ins, a great network event that mixes an active session with the opportunity to find new playing partners.

“Whilst Sunday Boast has seen parents and juniors come together and play as a family, encouraging and nurturing young talent.”

• World Squash Day (10am –midday) on Octobr 12th is an open day for all to experience Squash & Racketball facilities at WLTSC.