Tennis and Fitness classes can take place on site at WLSC. The rackets timetable is above please book via MyCourts before each session (Link for MyCourts below)

The WLTSC System Energize Fitness sessions will be at WLTSC, again please book prior via MyCourts they are free to all members. The classes will BE ONLINE via our Energize Facebook Group! So now you have the choice of joining us at the club or from home. If you are not a member but are looking to stay active and access 11 weekly sessions online then message us online or call us at 01902 755265 for more information!

Note: Pilates and Yoga sessions are ONLINE ONLY. 


#StayInARoutine #wltsc

 Fitness: https://www.facebook.com/groups/792747081500281/?multi_permalinks=856743688433953

 MyCourts Link: https://wltsc.mycourts.co.uk/