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Wolverhampton hosts 191 players in the Karakal West of England Squash Masters 2023-24

Wolverhampton hosts 191 players in the Karakal West of England Squash Masters 2023-24

5th January 2024

Wolverhampton hosts 191 players in the Karakal West of England Squash Masters 2023-24 The Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club (WLTSC) is set to host the prestigious Karakal West of England Squash Masters 2023-24, from Friday 12th January to Sunday 14th January 2024. The squash tournament features 191 competitors across 14 age categories and promises an exciting display of talent and sportsmanship as players converge to vie for top honours.

The Karakal West of England Masters has established itself as a key fixture in the squash calendar, attracting seasoned players aged 35 and above from all corners of the UK. The tournament aims to foster inclusivity and encourage participation at all skill levels within this age group, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of squash communities across the nation.

“We’re thrilled to be hosting the Karakal West of England Masters once again at the Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club,” said Mike Harris, Head of Squash and Racketball at WLTSC. “This tournament not only showcases the talent of our own members, with 13 players representing the club (including myself!), but also brings together competitors from across the UK, adding a unique dynamic to the matches.”

Players will battle it out on the six state-of-the-art courts at WLTSC, with the hope of securing victory and, for some, the opportunity to represent England in international matches.

“We believe in not only providing a platform for our players to showcase their skills but also in offering them the chance to elevate their game to new heights on the international stage, representing their home nation” added Mike Harris.

Spectators are encouraged to join the excitement at WLTSC, witnessing thrilling and highly competitive matches unfold throughout the weekend from 2pm on Friday. Free to attend, the club extends a warm invitation to squash enthusiasts and the local community to come and support the participants, making this event a memorable experience for both players and spectators alike.

For more information on the Karakal West of England Masters 2023-24, including schedule details and information, please visit https://www.englandsquashmasters.co.uk/Events/EventDetails.aspx?@EventID=129

Contact for more information:

Mike Harris, Head of Squash & Racketball at WLTSC, on 07826316065 or mike.harris@wltsc.com.

Squash Achieves Olympic Glory: A Triumph for Athletes and Enthusiasts Alike!

Squash Achieves Olympic Glory: A Triumph for Athletes and Enthusiasts Alike!

In an exhilarating moment for the world of squash, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has made a historic announcement: squash has officially been selected for inclusion in the LA28 Olympic Games sports programme. This decision marks a monumental victory for squash enthusiasts worldwide, as the sport finally finds its well-deserved place on the grandest sporting stage of all โ€“ the Olympics.

For many dedicated players, supporters, and clubs like the Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club (WLTSC), this news resonates as a triumph long overdue. Squash, a sport known for its agility, strategy, and unwavering passion, has fought for inclusion for years. Now, after a decade of campaigning and lobbying, squash has rightfully claimed its spot in the Olympic Games. Squashโ€™s world-class athletes will have the opportunity to compete in two medal events โ€“ the menโ€™s and womenโ€™s singles competitions.

At WLTSC, where squash is thriving, this decision has been met with overwhelming joy and enthusiasm. The club and its members warmly welcome the IOC’s choice, recognising it as a significant milestone not only for the sport but also for the entire squash community.

WLTSC’s Head of Squash and Racketball, Mike Harris acknowledges the profound impact this decision will have on squash’s future, โ€œIt’s difficult to put into words how amazing this is for the millions of squash lovers all over the world! Itโ€™s a major turning point in our sportโ€™s history, promising to elevate squash’s profile significantly in the long run and help the sport we all love. With squash in the Olympic Games, the sport is set to reach new heights, inspiring generations of players and fans alike. Thank you to everyone involved who helped make this happen.โ€

With its six squash courts and hundreds of members, WLTSC invites players of all ages and abilities to participate. WLTSC prides itself on its inclusivity, organising a range of activities, leagues, and matches for senior and junior players, extending a warm invitation to new members who share a passion for squash or a willingness to try it out.

Mike adds, โ€œAs we look forward to the LA28 Olympic Games, the squash community stands united in celebration. This historic inclusion not only honours the sport’s legacy but also paves the way for a future where squash continues to inspire and captivate, both within and beyond the Olympic arena.โ€

WLSTC run weekly classes for adults and juniors who are keen to try squash for the first time and/or re-acquaint their love for the sport. There are classes at 7pm every Monday for adults and 9am and 10am every Saturday for juniors. See https://www.wltsc.com/squash-racketball/ for more information.

-Kate Fuller

Spooktacular Success at the Halloween Junior Squash Tournament!

Spooktacular Success at the Halloween Junior Squash Tournament!

Spooktacular Success at the Halloween Junior Squash Tournament!

The eerie echoes of excitement reverberated through the Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club (WLTSC) as the Spooktacular Halloween Junior Squash Tournament took place, sponsored by The Platform Cafรฉ, Wombourne. Over 30 children participated in three categories tailored to their age groups.

The spirited tournament was organised by Head Squash coach, Mike Harris who has been running the successful junior programme at the club. Assisted by the creative flair of Kate Corey, who masterfully adorned the courts with bewitching decorations, the venue was transformed into a Halloween wonderland. From spooky balloons to grinning pumpkins, the atmosphere was thrilling and spooky!

The young participants had lots of fun showcasing their skills on the squash court and engaging in tightly fought matches that parents and spectators enjoyed watching. The courts, bedecked with decorations, provided a perfect backdrop for the competition.

Every child who participated was recognised for their efforts and received a well-deserved certificate. And whatโ€™s a Halloween event without treats? Every child also left with a cone of Halloween-themed sweets as a reward for their hard work!

The champions of the day were our category winners. In the Orange Ball category, Jacob Dehar emerged victorious; Brenden Wilbrey triumphed in the Red Dot Ball category, and Amar Sidhu conquered the Single Yellow Dot category, all showcasing impressive squash skills and determination. In addition to their certificate and sweets, the winners also received a pumpkin.

The festivities also included Halloween-themed cakes (provided by the talented bakers at The Platform Cafรฉ) face painting and tattoos, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Mike Harris commented, โ€œThe Halloween Junior Squash Tournament has been an amazing success – a morning filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Iโ€™m so proud of all the children who competed so well and battled hard in their games. Theyโ€™ve all come on so well at our junior sessions and itโ€™s been a wonderful celebration of squash, sportsmanship, and the spirit of Halloween. Hereโ€™s to many more Spooktacular events in the future!โ€

For more information on the Squash junior sessions at WLTSC (open to members and non-members), please click here https://www.wltsc.com/junior-squash/ or contact Mike Harris mike.harris@wltsc.com.

Kate Fuller & the Squash Junior team.

Junior Squash โ€“ Fun, awards & ice-cream!

Junior Squash โ€“ Fun, awards & ice-cream!

Wow! We are incredibly proud of our junior squash programme and celebrated all their achievements with a Summer Fun tournament at the end of the summer season, with all the children being treated to an ice-cream โ€ฆ. Oh and a medal & certificate (but if we are honest, the ice-cream meant the most to them!).

The aim of our Squash junior coaching programme and Squash Camps, is that all the children have fun, make friends and progress in a sport that will help them get fit and keep healthy. Their progress is tracked through Junior Progress awards from โ€˜Off the Wall Squashโ€™.

There are 8 levels of award, where children learn basic hand-eye co-ordination skills, spatial awareness, rackets skills and learn the game of squash to be able to play games all while having fun. These skills not only help their fitness but also builds confidence and helps forge friendships which we see carried over outside of the squash courts.

Kate Corey shares here experience of the benefits squash has brought to her and her family.

If someone would have told me 2 years ago that not only, would I be a โ€œsquash momโ€ of 2 kids but I myself would be playing the sport I think I would have laughed out loud, yet here I am! Squash was never a sport I ever dreamt my kids would love, I shamefully admit that I held the belief that it was only played by middle aged men, but the WOW Squash Academy at WLTSC has firmly changed my viewpoint on this.

My children 13 and 8 have been playing now for 2 years, with my eldest son competing at county level. The experience of playing at other clubs with different juniors has not only really helped James’ squash skills but has also benefited his social skills. He has made such good progress he was very kindly invited to join the adult mix ins at the club on a Friday night. The members have all been so welcoming to him and playing with adults has made all the difference to his game and his confidence. Itโ€™s so lovely that the club members are so supportive of the juniors and the experience and knowledge they share is just invaluable.

Within the safe environment of the club my children have found a sport they both adore with the bonus of a whole new friendship network. The regular free taster sessions aimed at parents were precisely the reason I also tried the sport and, like my children, got bitten by the squash bug! I strongly believe in this โ€œdigitalโ€ age we live in that its more important than ever that children keep active and healthy, physically and mentally, through sports and if we can do this together as a family then thatโ€™s even better!

As well as the juniors, the parents have been trying out Racketball and some, seeing the benefits membership of WLTSC has for families, are joining themselves, helping create lasting family memories of shared activities that mean so much. Our new Sunday Family squash mix-in on Sunday morning, is a great time to create those family memories!

If you would like to be part of our Junior squash programme led by Mike Harris, Head of Squash & Racketball and the junior coaching team, get in touch, we would love to hear more laughter and see more skills and confidence growing at the squash courts.

Helen Tottey – Squash & Racketball Director.