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WLTSC pride for member Henry Searleโ€™s record-breaking Wimbledon win!

WLTSC pride for member Henry Searleโ€™s record-breaking Wimbledon win!


WOW! What a week we had last week! One of our members, Henry Searle, who began playing tennis at Tots Tennis when he was 2 years old, WON the Wimbledon Boys Singles title and we couldnโ€™t be more proud!

The week started off with Henry knocking out top seed Juan Carlos Prado Angelo, winning 7-6, 6-3! And so, our crazy week began!

This win was covered in the Sun Newspaper on Monday, who called Henry, a โ€˜Wolverhampton Wonderkidโ€™ benefiting from his โ€˜barmy armyโ€™ of supporters. This core group with others joining on different days, demonstrated the amount of pride and support WLTSC has for Henry and his achievements.

On Tuesday, our Head of Tennis, Max Thomson, was interviewed live on Radio WM from our beautiful patio, overlooking the tennis courts. Then on Wednesday, The Express & Star visited to celebrate Henry reaching the quarter finals, played on Thursday. Watching the quarter finals on iPlayer and listening to well-known tennis players and presenters, Andrew Castle, John Lloyd and Clare Balding, speaking so highly about one of our members made everyone feel incredibly proud. However, it wasnโ€™t just Henry receiving the attention of the commentators, but his Barmy Army of supporters who featured a lot during the match and in an interview given by Henry in the following days!

In true British weather style, โ€˜rain stopped playโ€™ for the semi-finals on Friday but this didnโ€™t dampen our spirits at the club with lots of โ€˜good luckโ€™ video messages been shared, more coverage in the Express & Star and a general excitement from members around the club, waiting to show their support up in the bar!

Finally, the wait was over, and Henry played his semi final on a very blustery Saturday. With the Barmy Army supporters at Wimbledon and the supporters filling the bar at the club, it was time to play! A tense set included a contentious point when Cooper Williams, his 4th seed opponent, hat blew off in the wind. Unlike the weather and his supporters, Henry was calm and controlled, winning the first set 7-6 and then the second, 6-3 becoming the first British boy to reach the final of Wimbledon since Jack Draper in 2018.

The atmosphere at the club was incredible and the cheers drowning out the Barmy Armyโ€™s cheers from the TV!ย  The celebrations and good luck messages continued on social media and WhatsApp groups, including a recorded message via Twitter, from Wolverhampton Wanderers Manager Julen Lopetegui, which only added to excitement as we all waited for finals day!

Sunday 16th July 2023, the day club member Henry Searle, reached the Wimbledon Boys singles final. Some members were lucky to get tickets and had an early start to get there to add to the on-court support! The club ran its annual Wimbledon Whites tennis tournament in the morning finishing in time to join both BBC & ITV news (there to cover this momentous game) and other members gathered in the bar, to see Henry step out onto Court 1.

The Barmy Army sat in Court 1, had grown in numbers and were all wearing supportive T-shirts, and the home crowd in the First Serve bar, were all very vocal throughout the match, cheering all and EveryPoint WLTSCโ€™s tennis academy name!) of the games. The roof was nearly โ€˜cheeredโ€™ off as Henry took the 1st set 6-4 and then again, serving for the match to WIN the Boys Singles title 6-4 in the second set! ย In that moment, Henry became the first British boy to win the Wimbledon Boys Singles since 1962 and WLTSC had its first home-grown Wimbledon champion!

While we celebrate the success of Henry who is based at Loughborough University National Tennis Academy, we also celebrate our club and all we offer members. It is not only 15 tennis courts (including 3 grass) that we have, but also 6 squash courts and 2 gym areas including spin bikes. Both tennis and squash & racketball offer junior programmes, school camps, adult programmes, internal and external tournaments, to provide every member with a sport or fitness regime to suit their requirement.

If you would like to become a member of our club and experience all we offer, why not contact us to come and have a look around.

From Wolverhampton to Wimbledon – Henry Searle

From Wolverhampton to Wimbledon – Henry Searle

You may already know but Henry won his semi-final on Saturday in magnificent style against a strong opponent and battling against the wind.

He only had one break point against him, didn’t serve any double faults, hit 32 winners and above all came up with the winning plays at crucial points.

And so on Sunday 16th July at 13.00 on Court 1 he will be up against Yaroslav Demin from Russia for the Boys Singles Trophy.

Jack Draper and Liam Broady have both made the final in recent years but nobody has won the trophy since Stanley Mathews Jnr in 1962.

I’m sure that we would all like to be on Court 1 with the Wolverhampton Barmy Army shouting for Henry, but if that’s not possible why not come down to the Club to cheer him on to more success.

The BBC and ITV will be there filming so casual dress, tennis kit or even a Wolves top won’t go amiss.

Henry has done his bit, let’s help him put Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on the map,

And the bar is open all afternoon for the Men’s Singles Final, Alcaraz v Djokovic afterwards.

Here’s a link to our holiday camps if you know a young person who would like to start their squash, rcaketball or tennis journey at the club – https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/everypoint/Coaching/Camps

Henry Searle & Team WLTSC At Wimbledon 2023

Henry Searle & Team WLTSC At Wimbledon 2023

From Wolverhampton to Wimbledon –ย Congratulations to our very own Henry Searle, described as a โ€˜Wolverhampton Wonderkidโ€™ in the press after knocking out No1 seed in Boys singles at Wimbledon yesterday. Winning 7-6, 6-3 he benefited from a โ€˜barmy armyโ€™ of fans, mostly from the club! Everyone wishes him the best of luck in the next round.ย If you are inspired to play tennis, visit out website TENNIS | Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club (wltsc.com)

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

February was another busy month at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club featuring the following events;
โ€ข Pancake day
โ€ข Holiday Camps. Our Easter Holiday Camps are now open for booking at; https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/everypoint/Coaching/Camps
โ€ข February Quiz with Baggers
โ€ข Staffordshire Tennis County Matchplay
โ€ข JDA (Julian Dukes Agencies) Racketball Club Championships
โ€ข WLTSC Member Survey
โ€ข touchtennis tournament hosted by Clayton Edge

Another superb month at WLTSC.
“Keep healthy, play sport, make friends”